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Wii Fit + Carpet = Inaccurate

First things first. I love Wii Fit! I’m not knocking the game. Just thought others might find this information useful. There are plenty of other articles about this issue, but I want to add my experience with it.

As you may already know, Wii Fit (out of the box) is configured to measure your balance, weight, and BMI assuming you are on a flat surface/thin carpet.  It has been argued that the Wii Fit Balance Board is more accurate than the average scale you buy from Target (pronounced Tarjey… it sounds French and sounds cooler). And I totally agree, it is more accurate, but only if you have your Wii Fit Balance Board correctly configured for your specific floor situation.

Assuming, my carpet isn’t the “thick” kind, I boot up the game and get my initial reading saved. Come to find out, my weight in the game is 20 lbs. lighter than my actual weight. Which throws off my BMI to 20, which looks really good and the in-game narrator is impressed!

After further reading online and in the Wii Fit manual, I find out there are extenders for the Balance Board that increase the accuracy of the Board’s readings on carpet. I attached those extenders and, eureka!, my weight measurement is now accurate.. I’m now at a BMI or 23 and some change, which isn’t bad. But it looks bad on the daily graph because the first day I was 20 lbs lighter. Now one day later I’m 20 lbs. heavier and the Wii Fit Balance Board narrator is astonished! He asks what I’ve done to gain so much weight in such a short time…. None of the options fit my scenario.

I thought about removing my profile in Wii Fit and starting over… but then I would lose all the activities I’ve already unlocked and reset my in-game “stop-watch” of gameplay back to zero 🙁

My advice… if you are playing Wii Fit on carpet, regardless if it is thick or thin, pop on those extenders before you start playing.

That being said, Wii Fit is a great game and truly is a workout! I love it.

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  1. That sucks dude! I guess the weight difference is because the board itself was partially resting on the carpet. I imagine this happens to more people than Nintendo would like. I read it in the manual too, but I think they probably should've had a warning on one of the startup screens when it is played for the first time. I guess they've got the mat accessory too in case your carpet is super-thick and the extenders don't cut it.