Readmill API Authentication with oAuth using PHP


I started using Readmill on my iPad 3 months ago and have been in love with the app/service ever since.
The minimalist reader makes it very easy to dive right into the book you are reading at the moment. As well as quickly switch in an out of other books in your library. And the social interaction and highlighting features with other Readmillers is quite excellent. You can even import your Kindle library into your Readmill library.

Enough about how awesome Readmill is; check it out if you do a lot of reading on your device. It is definitely worth your time. You’ll love it. It has replaced the Kindle App for me, which is a big deal.

I decided to dive into the Readmill API to see if I could create a web app. However, I was not able to find any PHP flavored examples out there. So I put together an example for anyone looking to do Readmill API oAuth connections using PHP. Here is a link to the  gist.

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