Install Composer with Puppet and Vagrant

February 6, 2015

I started a personal project to update my WordPress theme so that it would match the design on my portfolio site. In the process; I decided it would be a good time to use Vagrant, and in particular, a project called VagrantPress to quickly setup a WordPress development environment. The advantage I wanted to capitalize on was the convenience of throwing away the environment once the project was finished. I didn’t want to leave any remnants of PHP or custom path variables on my laptop after the project was done. It would also be easy to develop on multiple machines since the vagrant instance would be the same across all devices.

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Building Responsive Layouts: Redux

August 7, 2014

A few people responded that they experienced issues with the header and footer not rendering correctly above and below the content area. I looked into it and discovered that that the solution I crafted had a document flow problem; which caused some unforeseen problems in the responsive layout. By using absolute positioning on the fixed column, the element was effectively taken out of the document flow. That means that the HTML document is unaware of the height, width, and any content in that section. Which is why the footer will overlap with the column that is absolute positioned (if that column is taller than the fluid column).

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Use jQuery to Mimic nth-child Behavior in IE8

July 23, 2014

Nth-child pseudo-selectors are a cool way to supercharge your CSS. They do a great job of styling a group of elements that need slight changes based on their order. A popular example of this is a grid system, or any similar list of items.

This works great in modern browsers, but if you are developing sites that need to be compatible with IE8 and below, you’ll find that :nth-child does not work.

You can use an alternate method to :nth-child by explicitly chaining elements together with the ‘+’ selector. This will select adjacent siblings. However, this method does not scale well and will likely break if your list is dynamic. Below is an example:

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Removing Unnecessary CSS with Grunt and UnCSS

July 15, 2014

While working on my portfolio I made myself a mental note to go back through the CSS and remove un-used CSS blocks. Since I was using Font Awesome (which is a really great icon font project), I knew I needed to manually remove a ton of styles that weren’t being used in the design. Things like the CSS animation section and all the icons I was not using from the library. As the project kept growing, I started to dread the day I would need to sift through the code and manually delete styles. It was turning into a daunting task.

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I build websites.

I'm a full stack developer who loves the web. I'm passionate about semantic and standards based development. Efficient code, intuitive user experiences, and pushing CSS3 standards really knock my socks off.

Like many, I started with web development in the world of Geocities and Angelfire. My latest work has expanded into the modern web landscape of responsive design and mobile first methodologies.

In addition to my passion for the web, I also enjoy reading fiction, training for adventure runs, listening to music, and playing soccer. I also have a soft spot for video games. My guilty pleasures are retro platformers and any zombie themed game.

I currently work at COUNTRY Financial where I develop dynamic applications for the web using PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5.

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In my free time, I enjoy...


Enjoy listening and playing music. I play guitar and bass, as well as the saxophone.


Training for adventure runs like The Zombie Run and Warrior Dash.


Participating/managing recreational soccer leagues and coaching.

Recent Work

COUNTRY Financial Redesign


type: website, responsive, styleguide

technologies: html, css, java, sass, php, javascript

description: Lead developer on front-end redesign project for COUNTRY Financial's flagship domain. Created intial HTML, CSS, and JavaScript foundation for the website. Also tasked with creating COUNTRY Financial's first styelguide to be used for marketing, vendor communication, and development prototyping.

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Business Retirement Solutions


type: website, responsive

technologies: html, css, sass, php, javascript, wordpress, modernizr, jquery, polyfills

description: Lead developer on COUNTRY's first responsive web design project. I worked with designers and usability folks to develop a responsive website tailored to educating potential clients on the retirement services that COUNTRY Financial has to offer. This website was built with WordPress and responsive design methodologies.

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Reading Time Pies Website Screenshot

Reading Time Pies


type: interactive web application using oAuth with Readmill API

technologies: html, css, php, javascript, oAuth, Readmill API, json

description: Allows a Readmill user view their reading statistics by viewing their reading times in a pie chart. Each book is divided into a pie slice to show the percentage of total reading time for each book. The user is able to drill down into each book in their library to see more details about the reading statistics for each given book. Also displays highlights for each book the user had read. This is a work in progress.

Affordable Healthcare Act Website Screenshot

Affordable Healthcare Act


type: responsive website, javascript interactive

technologies: html, css, sass, php, javascript, jquery, wordpress, modernizr, polyfills

description: Lead Developer on COUNTRY Financial's second responsive design web project. I also created the COUNTRY Green Road javascript interactive that helps potential clients navigate the Affordable Care Act program and decide if it is the right health care option.

COUNTRY Mobile Screenshot


type: mobile website

technologies: html, css, jquery, java

description: Converted to a mobile version. Used jQuery Mobile for the framework. It was originally a sub-domain, but now is part of the main website. The mobile version of the site will load based on browser/device detection.

Spin to Win

url: spin-to-win

type: interactive prize game

techonologies: html, css, php, javascript, flash, mysql, ajax

description: A lottery game created for the Road Trips and Guitar Picks campaign. A user logged in to the microsite each day and played the game to try and win a variety of RTGP products. The game was originally develped in Flash (ActionScript 3) and later converted to an HTML5/javascript game.

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Simply Drive Mobile Screenshot

Simply Drive


type: website, mobile website, flash interactive

technologies: html, css, javascript, flash

description: Website created to provide information to students and parents about driving discounts teens can earn by following the Simply Drive program. The website also educates teens about the dangers of driving. The website was then converted to a custom mobile website. I also developed the flash interactive game that helps teach teens the dangers of distractions while driving.

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    Ryan is fantastic web developer. I have enjoyed working with him. He always meets impossible deadlines. He is my go to guy for mobile development questions. Glad to have him as a colleague.

    Matt Christensen | Web/Facebook Developer

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    Ryan is a skillful and excellent programmer. He's a great colleague to work beside and definitely an asset to the company. Even when faced with impossible new ideas and designs, he always finds a way to implement them and make them work.

    Jason Kirchgessner | Designer at Country Financial

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    Ryan is dedicated, always willing to help, and always willing to learn something new. It's a pleasure to work with him.

    John Bowen | Usability/Writer at Teleologic Learning Company

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    Ryan was a great developer and was eager to learn new things. Good communicator and easy to get along with.

    Tom Gersic | Director of Mobile Development at